Visits & Excurtions

Tour: Borobudur

We offer 2 ways to do this visit.
1/2 day (5 hours)
day (8-10 hours)

* 1/2 day: departure 8.00 direction the Temple of BOROBUDUR, then after visiting temple of MENDUT direction after this visit back to villa sumbing indah.
* Day: Departure 8.00 direction the Temple of BOROBUDUR, then after your visit, we take you discover the TAHU or TOFU manufacturing then discovered a village of Potter, lunch + silverware craftsmanship, and finally visit the MENDUT temple after this return visit to villa sumbing indah.
* For the visit to the Sun ask us on the spot.
Rates us contacterrnee (8-10 hours)

Tour : Merapi-Prambanan-Volcan "MERAPI"

Duration: day
1/2 day Merapi
1/2 day Temple of PRAMBANAN

* Departure 8.00 to go to the foot of Merapi volcano.
* In 2010 last big eruption of the volcano, you can see the lava flows of the a this rash. It offers several courses in Jeep activity on the trail near the volcano.
* You can also do a walks on foot on the foothills of the volcano
* After the volcano direction, PRAMBANAN temple
End of visit back to villa sumbing indah.
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Rando : rizzieres "Selogriyo"

Rando : rizières "Selogriyo"
Durée : de 1 a 3 heures
tarifs : nous consulter
Randonnée au cœur des rizières,découverte d'un petit temple cache dans les collines,traverser de plusieur village
Nous avons d'autres randonnée,nous consulter.
​Tarifs nous contacter

Tour : Yogyakarta

Duration: day
Visit the city of YOGYAKARTA

Departure 8 hours:
The day will begin with a bit of shoping.magasin MIROTA BATIK, batik store and souvenir of all kinds.
Visit the Palace of the SULTAN, bath TAMAN SARI, the market for the birds.
back to villa sumbing end-of-day
Rates contact us

tour : Gedong Songo

A 2 heures de route de villa sumbing indah ,GEDONG SONGO ,complexe de plusieurs petit temples hindouiste,parcours de 2 heures pour visiter tout les temples.
Sur le chemin du retour arrêt a la gare d'AMBARAWA ,visite du musée du chemin de fer, exposition de veilles locomotives a vapeur .
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Rando : rizzieres "gleyor"

Duration: 2 hours
Price: consult us

Hiking in the heart of rice fields, discovered a
small waterfall, cross of several village.
We have other hiking, consult us
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